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  • Grapefruit Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    Got a whole bundle of cocktails that call out for the wonderful bittersweet deliciousness of the grapefruit, but don’t want to go out and forage in your local hedgerows for this somewhat unwieldy fruit? Well forage no more – here’s a 10cl bottle of Bitter Bastards Grapefruit Bitters, made using rapid-maceration and centrifugal extraction!

  • Gull

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Blonde Ale 4,5%

    Gull – meaning Gold – is a light, zestful Blonde Ale, a halfway house between Pilsner and Pale Ale. Top fermentation at a moderate temperature reduces the fruitiness but enhances the raw malt and complex hop tones. Ideal as a thirst-quencher or accompaniment to light meals.

    Malt: Pale Ale, Pilsner, Munich and Cara malts

    Hops: Magnum, Saaz and Sapphire

    Yeast: Safale US-05

  • Havblikk

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Gose 4.5%

    Is there any better way of enjoying a visit to the majestic Outer Skerries Lighthouse than with a glass of Kinn Calm Sea? Amaze at the eerie presence of the Kinnaklova Cleft Mountain as the sun sinks below the horizon. Havblikk is a light, refreshing Gose-style, top-fermented wheat beer, using soured wort prior to kettle-boiling. Yet this Gose is not sour, but has the merest hint of acidity for that added jest. Spiced with touches of coriander and salt to accentuate the refreshing tang, this exceptional glass is ideal on a hot summer’s day by the ocean, and a perfect accompaniment to light seafood and salad dishes.

    Malt: Pilsner, wheat and soured malt

    Hops: Magnum and Styrian Bobek

    Yeast: Fermentis US-05

    Spices: Salt and coriander seed

  • Humleriket

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – IPA 4,5%

    Humleriket – our Hop Heaven – is a light and sprightly IPA in the West Coast style with a robust, hoppy aroma that varies from batch to batch. Despite the powerful hoppiness, this ale is still gentle by nature due to the open fermentation. This IPA is neither pasteurised nor filtered, which perfectly fits the style. Ideal with spicy food.

    Malt: Pale Ale malt, Pale caramel malt and flaked oats

    Hops: Variable

    Yeast: Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

  • Indian Tonic Water

    Indian Tonic Water – Headless Horseman

    The Headless Horseman is a premium tonic with a modern and creative design.

  • Issan NAS – Thailand

    40% || That Boutique-y Rum Company

    A complex and tasty rhum agricole from Issan in the north east region of Thailand that shares its name with the distillery, bottled by That Boutique-y Rum Company. The spirit is made with the juice from red sugar cane, which is distilled in the copper pot still that you see on the label. Fascinating stuff, produced by a distillery with a big focus on sustainability and community – brilliant!

    Batch 1 is a release of 836 bottles.

    Nose: Grassy and herbaceous, with green olive water and damp hay among touches of aromatic vanilla, butterscotch and dark berries.

    Palate: Tinned sweetcorn water, sweet vanilla and more black fruit, with a little toffee and the slightest alcohol burn.

    Finish: A hint of honey blossom lingers.

    Overall: Intriguing, complex and delicious in equal measure.

  • Ivar Aasen

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – English Barley Wine 10%

    Barley wine was brewed from a range of ingredients, but our favourite is the English variant of this beer. Our barley wine is made exclusively from English ingredients. The residual sweetness is high, and with a few years of maturation those noble oxidisation flavours emerge. Sherry and liquorice are desirable characteristics of this fine, well-matured barley wine.

    Malt: Pale ale and caramel

    Hops: East Kent Golding and Northern Brewer

    Yeast: Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

    At Vinmonopolet

  • James E. Pepper 4YO Rye – USA

    50% || That Boutique-y Whisky Company

    A supremely tasty rye whiskey aged in a bourbon cask with an ale finish. After the Pepper family closed the distillery back in the 1950s, Amir Peay brought the brand back to life in 2008 and since has revived the distillery in the original buildings.

    The Label
    Set in an old school soda float shop, smartly dressed distillery owner Amir is having his order taken. Against a backdrop of all kinds of sweet treats, he chooses from three barrel shaped soda fountains and for this time, he goes for an ale.

    The Experience
    Nose: Subtle sweet notes of buttery pastry, flaked almonds and cola cubes.
    Palate: A mix of soft, caramel notes with interjections of orange spices.

    Finish: A malty finish with peppery bursts.

  • Jonge Genever

    35% || Zuidam Distillery

    This fruity and pleasantly light bodied genever is distilled from our three grain mash.

    The Mash is made up of equal parts Rye, Corn and Malted Barley. After three distillations the resulting spirit is partially redistilled with juniper, Licorice and aniseed. This results in an unaged, fruity and fresh genever.
    Soon At vinmonopolet

  • Kinn Pils

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Pale Lager 4,5%

    In terms of style, Kinn Pils is a mix of classic Germanic and Czech summertime pilsners. The malt and hops are German, the yeast Czech. Where light German pilsners are filtered, in Czechia the premium varieties are unfiltered. Our unfiltered Pils is conditioned in the bottle to maximise the fine nuances of the first-rate ingredients and extended, cool fermentation. Lager beers take time, and we make no compromises on quality with Kinn Pils. The first pitch at 10 °C is followed by up to 2 months of near-freezing storage in vats before tapping into bottles. This is the drink for anyone wanting a light, fresh-tasting beer with intriguing character. Ideal for those who have overdone the Triple Indias and sturdy Stouts recently.

    Malt: Pilsner and melanoidin malt

    Hops: Magnum and Hallertau Mittelfrüh

    Yeast: Wyeast 2278 Czech Pils

  • Kveldsbris

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Belgian Pale Ale 5,5%

    Kveldsbris – Evening Breeze – is offered as a clean, refreshing and not-too-alcoholic Belgian ale. It has a fine balance of Belgian yeastiness with the premier hop varieties from three wildly different districts: East Kent Goldings on England’s south coast, Saaz from Zatec in the Czech Republic, and Amarillo from Yakima Valley in the United States of America. Kveldsbris is a most versatile table ale that can cope with more spiciness and richness than a regular wheat beer.

    Malt: Pilsner malt, wheat malt and light caramel malt

    Hops: East Kent Goldings, Saaz and Amarillo

    Yeast: Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Landkjenning

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Stout ale 4.5 %

    There is only one way to greet our dark brown Landkjenning – with a rousing cry of Land Ahoy! This
    dark brown ale boasts a rich roasty taste and excellent body, magically concocted from classic Black
    and Amber malts, and East Kent Golding hops. An everyday favourite that many never tire of, and
    with a well-earned reputation as the ideal complement to barbeque meats and strong, spicy dishes, a
    fine stout is perfect with taco dinners, for instance.

    Malt: Pilsner, Dextrin, Amber, Black
    Hops: East Kent Golding, Magnum
    Yeast: London Fog

  • Langskip NAS Bourbon Barrel

    58% || Wolfburn Distillery

    Another ace whisky from the Wolfburn distillery way up in the north of Scotland. Langskip is matured exclusively in first-fill bourbon casks and is bottled at a generous 58% ABV, making it a particularly powerfully flavoursome dram. Impressive as ever from Wolfburn.

    Nose: Demerara sugar, gingerbread, floral malt, white pepper and sugared almonds

    Palate: Dried fruit begins to take control on the palate – think sultana and apricot. Still enjoyably nutty with walnut and macadamia. A good helping of nutmeg and stem ginger gives it some heat.

    Finish: Last toffee apple sweetness and black pepper.

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Lavendel and Juniper Gin

    43,5% || Collective Arts

    Lavendel, Citrus and Bergamot

    At vinmonopolet

  • Lavendel Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    Add a good whack of intense floral deliciousness to your cocktails with the Bitter Bastards Lavender Bitters! This bottle contains 10cl of rapidly-macerated, centrifugally-extracted bitters boasting full-bodied lavender notes. Great in a gin cocktail…

  • MacLeans Nose Whisky Blend

    46% || MacLeans Nose Whisky Blend

    This impressive blended Scotch whisky is brought to us by Adelphi, celebrating Charles Maclean, whisky expert, mentor, and Adelphi’s official Chief Nose. Created under his guidance and giving a nod to the landmark on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, nearby to the Ardnamurchan distillery, this blend consists of 70% malt, with a high proportion drawn from sherry casks. Designed to showcase a classic west coast character, it’s brimming with salted citrus, praline, and oily smoke.

    Nose: Flamed orange peel, salted lemons, and charred driftwood, with stone fruits, sawdust, and a touch of smoky tar.

    Palate: Creamy notes of macadamia nuts, Caramac, and rice pudding with a burnt top. Zesty citrus follows, with floral malt and earthy smoke.

    Finish: Oily tar and smoky ash join toasted hazelnuts and creamy praline.

    Snart At Vinmonopolet

  • Malstraum

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – American Pale Ale 5,5%

    It’s an easy matter to get caught up in our maelstrom of hoppiness, less easy to put it down. Kinn’s Malstraum is a refreshing, zesty, cloudy amber APA with a tropical, fruity, hoppy aroma and crisp white foam. Lightly malted, but with a touch of bitters for aftertaste and drinkability. We selected Zeus, Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe and Citra for our hop list. Though principally intended to stand alone, Malstraum pairs well with spicy fare and barbecue dishes.

    Malt: Pilsner, Munich Malt and Caramel Malt

    Hops: Zeus, Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra

    Yeast: WLP066 London Fog

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Millstone 92 Rye Whisky

    46% || Zuidam Distillery

    Millstone 92Rye Whisky is distilled from 100% rye in small copper pot stills. the new spirit is aged for a minimum of 36 months on new American Oak barrels. The nose has rich notes of citrus fruit and spices with delicate tones of honey combined with vanilla and oak. The taste is rich fruity honey sweetness and delicate spicy notes and a long peppery vanilla and oak finish.

    2018 – Silver Medal – Wizards of Whisky Awards

    2018 – Grain Dutch no Age Whisky Winner – World Whisky Awards

    Soon At vinmonopolet

  • Morven NAS Lightly Peated

    46% || Wolfburn Distillery

    A late 2017 addition to Wolfburn’s core range, Morven is a lightly peated single malt from the northernmost distillery in mainland Scotland. This expression rounds out the distillery’s range well (which also features their signature Northland Single Malt and the handsomely Sherried Aurora Single Malt) and shows that the relatively new distillery has plenty to offer already.

    Nose: Fresh notes of juicy apple and white grape are deliciously juxtaposed with earthy, mineral-y peat.

    Palate: Nutty malt pairs well with soft smoke, joined by peppered oak and caramelised fruit developing later on.

    Finish: Sweet hints of shortbread and ginger stick around on the finish.

    at Vinmonopolet

  • Munken

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Belgium blonde 4,5%

    The legend of Sancta Sunniva tells of an Irish princess and her loyal courtiers who fled across the sea, finding refuge on the islands of Selja and Kinn. The legend says nothing of drink, but it is a well-known fact that beer brewing was common in the monasteries, and the monks who came to Selja in the 1100s made a brew from hops grown on the island. Our Monk harks back to the Belgian Trappist Monastery and reflects what those pious individuals imbibed on a daily basis. At Kinn Brewery we employ the same yeast and same fermentation vessels as our ancient brothers, combined with bottle conditioning for that explosive taste. Monk is moderately hopped to avoid overpowering the subtle yeast tones. Just a dash of caramel malt generates an intriguing palate for all-round table appeal. The ideal foil for light fish and shellfish dishes, Monk is served best between 6-8 °C.

    Malt: Pilsnermalt, Cara blond, Special B

    Hops: Cascade, Tettnanger

    Yeast: WLP530 Abbey Ale

  • Neroli Gin

    46% || That Boutique-y Gin company

    Neroli Oil is extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree through steam-distillation, and is as awesome as it is pricey, requiring over a tonne of flowers to produce just 1kg of oil – so of course they wanted to make a gin out of it!

    Nose: An aromatic, fragrant nose, with lily of the valley, soft juniper and pink grapefruit initially, before incense rises above balsa wood and a touch of fresh coriander.
    Taste: In a soft and delicate opening there’s a wave of orange blossom, perfumed vanilla and a slight hint of aniseed. A pinch of cardamom and clove offer herbaceous, spiced depth.
    Finish: Surprisingly long, with a little dryness that stops it becoming too syrupy.

  • New Make Spirit 01 Brewer’s xDistiller’s Yeast

    60% || Holyrood Distillery

    The Holyrood Distillery is giving us a peek behind the curtain of distilling new make spirit, showing off the impact that different ingredients can have on its flavour profile, as well as shining a spotlight on Edinburgh’s history as a brewing city. This particular expression has been made with brewing yeast as well as distilling yeast, which introduces additional flavour to the spirit while the distilling yeast remains particularly efficient at converting fermentable sugars.

    Rounded malt notes, with touches of fresh pear and honeydew melon.

    At Vinmonopolet

  • New Make Spirit 04: Made by Edinburgh

    60% || Holyrood Distillery

    The Holyrood Distillery is super proud of Edinburgh and its history as a brewing city, and to show that off, it has created a series of new make malt spirits featuring ingredients that are more often seen in the world of brewing rather than distilling. This one in particular features a helping of Edinburgh Ale Yeast, as well as a combo of two speciality brewing malts (crystal and chocolate) along with distilling malt, inspired by a recipe for 80 Shilling Ale.

    Hints of vanilla and green apple brightness, with plenty of malty roundness.

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin

    42% || Feddie Ocean Distillery

    Dry, fruity, citrus, grapefruit.

    At vinmonopolet

  • Northland NAS Bourbon Barrel

    46% || Wolfburn Distillery

    Becoming Scotland’s northernmost mainland whisky producing distillery when it released its first single malt in March 2016, Wolfburn is built just 350m away from the ruins of the 19th century distillery from which it takes its name. With long fermentation, slow manual distillation and maturation taking place at least partly in quarter casks that previously held peated whisky from Islay, this is a release we’ve eagerly anticipated!

    Nose: Orchard fruits, apple pie, a fresh maltiness, almonds, magnolia and a suggestion of smoke

    Palate: Honey Nut Clusters breakfast cereal, sweet spices, chocolate croissant, more honey towards the end, and a subtle earthy peatiness.

    Finish: Long and fresh, with even more rich honey notes

    Overall: A deliciously complex single malt from one of Scotland’s newer distilleries – they are hitting it out of the park!

    At Vinmonopolet

  • O Reizinho 3YO – Madeira

    52,6% || That Boutique-y Rum Company

    The second bottling of rum produced by Portugal’s O Reizinho from That Boutique-y Rum Company is here, and this time it’s an aged expression (hence why the funky olive king on the label has grown old). Little known outside of Madeira, these rhum agricoles from O Reizinho are intensely flavoursome and funky beyond all belief – and we love ’em.

    Batch 1 is a release of 1,936 bottles.

    Nose: The maturation has mellowed out some of the funk, bringing notes of vanilla and treacle to the mix – but the core elements of briny olive and banana remain.

    Palate: Salted butter, a hint of red chilli chocolate, another kick of intensely savoury olive and seaweed, caramelised dates.

    Finish: Salted peanuts, black peppercorn, oak and wet grass.

  • Old Tom Gin

    42,4% || Ableforth’s

    Our Old Tom gin is the perfect spirit for those looking for something a little sweeter. A modern recreation of the slightly sweetened Old Tom style of gin popular in 18th and 19th century England, this gold medal winner is made using our classic Bathtub Gin, and offers a full-bodied sweetness perfectly balanced with juniper and spice notes.

    It really is the perfect gin cocktail accompaniment – try it in a Martinez or Tom Collins and you’ll see what we mean!

    Tasting Notes:

    Nose: Quite sweet with fruity juniper and citrus.

    Taste: Much more noticeably sweet, liquorice allsorts, light juniper and orange Tic Tacs.

    Finish: Initially clean but with lingering sweetness. Lip-smackingly tasty.

    Bathtub Gin Tom Collins tastes great with premium tonic and a wedge of orange.

  • Orange Blossom Tonic

    Headless Horseman

    The Headless Horseman is a premium tonic with a modern and creative design.
    This one has a fresh and rounded flavor of Orange blossom.

  • Ortens Favorit Vodka

    40% || Veras Bryggeri

    Premium Vodka with a hint of citrus and orangepeel

    At vinmonopolet

  • Oude Genever

    38% || Zuidam Distillery

    This genever combines specific qualities of three different grain types.

    The grain spirit is distilled from equal parts corn, rye and malted barley. The corn brings a rich sweetness, the rye spiciness and the malted barley provides the backbone. The new spirit is triple distilled in a small pot still. Then it is partially distilled a fourth time with selected botanicals, juniper, Licorice and aniseed. Finally, the spirit and the botanical distillate are blended.
    Soon At vinmonopolet

  • Paul John 6YO – India

    52,9% || That Boutique-y Whisky Company

    We continue our globe-trotting adventure of bottling whiskies from countries other than “the Scotland” with an Indian single malt whisky produced by John Distilleries! The company was founded back in 1992, who would soon set up a traditional pot-still distillery in Goa with the intention to make single malt whisky. India is, y’know, a little bit warmer than Scotland, and as such, the Angels’ Share (the rate of evaporation of whisky from the cask its maturing in) is quite a bit higher. The label of our Paul John shows the Angels getting their fair share – save some for us!

    Tasting notes:
    Nose: Smoky peat, caramel and a hint of sea salt.

    Palate: Chocolate ice-cream (with dark chocolate chips), joined by another waft of peaty embers.

    Finish: Red berries topped with brown sugar. A crack of black pepper for good measure.

  • Pilegrim

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Pale Ale glutenfree 4,5%

    Pilegrim is a light, refreshing Yorkshire-style regular and the very first beer to come out of Kinn Brewery when we started in 2009. The very best malt in the business is the key: Maris Otter Pale Ale malt from Thomas Fawcett, plus light caramel malt. There is crisp bitterness, and a fresh aroma of hops. Traditional English hops like Target and Fuggles are combined with the right mix of spices, earthy flavours and floral essence. We add an aromatic tang of American citrus from Centennial and Amarillo. A special enzyme digests the gluten in the barley to below 20 ppm, making Pilegrim Bitter a gluten-free option perfect for sensitive pilgrims. Ideal for white meat, pizza, pasta, and lightly spiced dishes.

    Malt: Maris Otter Pale Ale malt and light caramel malt

    Hops: Target, Fuggles, Centennial and Amarillo

    Yeast: Wyeast 1318 London Ale IIII

  • Pink Grapefruit Tonic

    Headless Horseman

    The Headless Horseman is a premium tonic with a modern and creative design.
    this one has a exciting, bitter and fruity flavor of Pink Grapefruit.

  • Prestesonen

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Brown Stout 6,0%

    The recipe for Prestesonen, our Parson’s Son stout, is simplicity itself: 40 % Pale Ale malt, 30 % brown malt and 30 % amber malt, copious doses of East Kent Golding at the start of the boil, and English top-yeast. The dry-roasted malt creates an intense aroma and complex flavours. To many this might be too much of a good thing, but for fans of English stout, the blend is perfect. Our 2015 and 2016 vintage Prestesonen is maturing slowly and is now available. Ideal for dark meat dishes and chocolate desserts.

    Malt: Maris Otter Pale Ale, amber and brown malt

    Hops: East Kent Golding

    Yeast: Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Pryl

    Kinn Bryggeri

    – Belgian Dubbel glutenfree 7,0%

    Pryl – meaning a jolly good thrashing – is our come-back after placing as runners-up to Ringnes in the Bryggeribråk contest in autumn 2014. Pryl is partly a homage to the winner, partly the table beer we wish we had entered in the Brewery Bash competition. Belgian top-fermentation is recognised as delivering a really good table beer, and Pryl makes a fine partner with most meat dishes. Classic Belgian Dubbel is a dark ale, much of whose depth stems from the dark candi syrup added to the mash. Hops are discreet so the flavour is mainly from the intense fermentation process. We allow the heat to rise unimpeded to 28 °C before chilling. A special enzyme brings the barley gluten below 20 ppm for a gluten-free option.

    Malt: Pilsner malt, dark caramel malt, dehusked chocolate malt, sugar and dark candi syrup

    Hops: Fuggles

    Yeast: Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Reservoir Bourbon 2YO Charred New – USA

    46,4% || That Boutique-y Whisky Company

    We’ve bottled a quartet of expression from Virginia’s Reservoir Distillery – this particular edition is a blend of the three single grain spirits that they produce (Corn, Rye and Wheat), resulting in an absolutely brilliant bourbon! The distillery’s founders, Jay and David, look mightily pleased with it on the label…

    Tasting notes:
    Nose: Oak char and milk chocolate emerge first, before notes of black peppercorns, buttery corn and thick caramel develop.

    Palate: Hot clove cuts through vanilla, toffee sauce and raspberry in a dark and sweet palate.

    Finish: A touch of woodsmoke remains.

  • Reservoir Rye 2YO Charred New

    47,5% || That Boutique Y Whisky Company

    We’ve bottled a quartet of expression from Virginia’s Reservoir Distillery – this particular edition is made using 100% Rye. Along with the other grains (Corn and Wheat), they combine together like some sort of delicious Megazord to create the Reservoir Bourbon that we also bottled. The distillery’s founders, Jay and David, look mightily pleased with it on the label…

    Tasting notes:
    Nose: A note of dried grass and salted caramel lead alongside sweet cereal grain, with lots of dry rye spice underneath.

    Palate: Earthy oak spice develops slowly among plenty of chewy rye grain and helpings of milk chocolate and vanilla.

    Finish: The finish is long and warming with a heavy malt influence.

  • Rhubarb & Hibiscus Gin

    43,5% || Collective Arts

    This gin was made with Rhubarb, Hibiscus and a whimsical blend of botanicals. Like the first bite of a grapefruit, it’s juicy and floral, complimented by fresh citrus and our botanical blend that leaves it with a tart and warm ginger finish.

    Botanicals: Rhubarb, hibiscus, juniper, coriander, fresh orange peel, fresh lemon peel, fresh lime peel, ginger & orris root.

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Rhubarb Gin

    46% || That Boutique-y Gin Company

    Rhubarb isn’t just for puddings or boiled sweets anymore. The herbaceous perennial is enjoying a resurgence in popularity not only in the culinary world – the terrific tang of rhubarb is carving out its own place in the world of booze! We wanted in on the fun, and thus, our Rhubarb Triangle Gin was born. We’ve sourced rhubarb solely from the famous Rhubarb Triangle, formed by the cities of Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield, to make it – you might even recognise a hint towards these cities on the label…

    Nose: The sparkling zing of crisp rhubarb with lemon shortbread.
    Taste: A voluptuous texture with powerful rhubarb notes coming through, complex and fresh. A zip of citrus, pinch of spice and then the unmistakable dry flavour of juniper.
    Finish: Refined and lasting hints of rhubarb crumble, rhubarb soda, and even a touch of rhubarb and custard sweets.

    At Vinmonopolet

  • Rhubarb Tonic

    Headless Horseman

    The Headless Horseman is a premium tonic with a modern and creative design.
    This one has a balanced and and rounded flavor of Rhubarb that gives the tonic a different sensation.