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  • Akevitt Blank

    44% || Feddie Ocean Distillery

    Akevitt from Fedje


    At Vinmonopolet

  • Angelica Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    Angelica might sound all angelic and whatnot, but don’t be fooled – it can be a right bitter bastard too! These cocktail bitters are made with intense angelica root, specially selected spirit, rapid-maceration and centrifugal extraction, which produces a potent ‘seasoning’ for your cocktails.

  • Black Pepper Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    Bitters are said to be the seasoning of the cocktail world, so naturally there has to be Bitter Bastards Black Pepper Bitters (just don’t go looking for salt bitters to go on your fish and chips!).

    Rapidly macerated, centrifugally extracted and packing a cracking punch of peppery heat, these Bitter Bastards ought to make for some exciting creations at the bar.

  • Celery Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    Savoury cocktails are very much a ‘thing’, and the folks behind Bitter Bastards have got a great tool for anyone looking to make some – centrifugally extracted, rapidly macerated Celery Bitters! Particularly terrific in Bloody Mary cocktails, and great for use in all sorts of gin-based beverages that could use a hint of vegetal, savoury deliciousness.

  • Cherry Brandy

    27,8% || Ableforth’s

    As mad as it sounds, many cherry brandies don’t contain actual cherries, or actual brandy. But ours has both – and the best of both too. We take high-quality fresh extracts of sweet and sour cherry varieties to give optimal sour cherry flavour and balance them perfectly with rich, sweet Cognac. XO and VSOP Cognac to be precise. Yep, the fancy stuff.

    Tasting Notes:

    Nose: Intense swirls of bright, shiny cherries with big notes of almonds, cinnamon and a blossoming, floral depth.

    Taste: Rich, thick and syrupy. The luscious cherry is joined by dashes of damson, plum and hints of allspice.

    Finish: As the cherries recede, deep nutmeg notes appear.

    Cherry Brandy tastes great with premium cola and an orange wedge.

  • Chipotle Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    A 10cl bottle of Bitter Bastards Chipotle Bitter, which will look just as at home on your home bar as they would in your kitchen’s spice rack. Add a few drops of these rapidly-macerated, centrifugally extracted to your drinks to give them an enjoyably bitter, mouthwateringly spicy, subtly smoky kick of chipotle deliciousness – you could also try adding them to your chilli con carne…

  • Cocoa Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    If you’re looking for some bitters to make your drink taste like you just filled up an Easter egg with mashed up chocolate buttons, this probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking to add a rich depth of flavour to a cocktail (something with rum in it, we recommend), say hello to your new best friend, the Bitter Bastards Cocoa Bitters.

    These bitters are made using innovative rapid-maceration and centrifugal extraction techniques, and only a handful of ingredients – cocoa, specially selected spirit and bittering agents (gentian root). It’s top stuff, indeed.

  • Coffee Bitters

    40% || Bitter Bastards

    A 10cl bottle of Bitter Bastards Coffee Bitters, made with roasted arabica coffee beans alongside specially selected spirit, utilising rapid-maceration and centrifugal extraction to achieve a full-bodied flavour profile and attractive clarity. Add a few drops to our cocktails to give them a burst of enjoyably bitter freshly roasted coffee yumminess.