Cherry Brandy

27,8% || Ableforth’s

As mad as it sounds, many cherry brandies don’t contain actual cherries, or actual brandy. But ours has both – and the best of both too. We take high-quality fresh extracts of sweet and sour cherry varieties to give optimal sour cherry flavour and balance them perfectly with rich, sweet Cognac. XO and VSOP Cognac to be precise. Yep, the fancy stuff.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Intense swirls of bright, shiny cherries with big notes of almonds, cinnamon and a blossoming, floral depth.

Taste: Rich, thick and syrupy. The luscious cherry is joined by dashes of damson, plum and hints of allspice.

Finish: As the cherries recede, deep nutmeg notes appear.

Cherry Brandy tastes great with premium cola and an orange wedge.

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