Kinn Murar

Kinn Bryggeri

– Pilsner 4,5%

Murar is a light, refreshing lager with a slow afterglow of pure hops. It goes without saying that our Bricklayer is unfiltered and bottle-conditioned. Choice ingredients combined with long, near-freezing, traditional fermentation mean a rich palate of hoppy notes, just as in ancient times. Fine lager takes commitment, and we cut no corners. Initial fermentation at 10 °C is followed by up to 2 months in cold-storage. Be sure to decant from the bottle with a foamy head to best accentuate the subtle flavours. Kinn Murar works well as a fine complement to fish and shellfish dishes.

Malt: Pilsner and Munich

Hops: Magnum and Hallertau Mittelfrüh

Yeast: Fermentis 34/70

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