Kinn Pryl

Kinn Bryggeri

– Belgian Dubbel glutenfree 7,0%

Pryl – meaning a jolly good thrashing – is our come-back after placing as runners-up to Ringnes in the Bryggeribråk contest in autumn 2014. Pryl is partly a homage to the winner, partly the table beer we wish we had entered in the Brewery Bash competition. Belgian top-fermentation is recognised as delivering a really good table beer, and Pryl makes a fine partner with most meat dishes. Classic Belgian Dubbel is a dark ale, much of whose depth stems from the dark candi syrup added to the mash. Hops are discreet so the flavour is mainly from the intense fermentation process. We allow the heat to rise unimpeded to 28 °C before chilling. A special enzyme brings the barley gluten below 20 ppm for a gluten-free option.

Malt: Pilsner malt, dark caramel malt, dehusked chocolate malt, sugar and dark candi syrup

Hops: Fuggles

Yeast: Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity

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