Rivera Vermut Blanco

15% || Cosecha de Galicia

Galician hops make the difference in the new Vermouth Rivera.
The final result is a vermouth with a complex flavor and aroma in botanicals (Artemis, Wormwood, Lily of Florence and St. John’s Wort, among others) and a touch that makes it different due to its elegantly bitter background, marked by the use of hops from the Cascade variety, grown by our company in Galicia.
The product is presented in a 75 cl bottle with a classic and retro image that also seeks to reinforce sustainability values, promoting its reuse thanks to the opening plate by means of a mechanical stopper, which allows the container to be reused once the product has been consumed.
Vermouth is an elegant drink with a long tradition that has reconquered the aperitif hour and is a perfect complement to cocktails. Its basic formula dates back to Hellenic antiquity but its commercial origin is located in Italy, before spreading to the rest of the world.

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