Vintage Pu-Ehr Tea Gin

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This gin is a tribute to one of the most incredible natural products on earth. Tea! It is produced using in excess of 10g of exceptionally fine tea per bottle. Made using 6 carefully-selected Vintage Pu-erh Teas aged for up to 35 years, and extracted using a variety of methods including Hot and Cold infusion in both water and gin bases, and cold vacuum distillation. This versatile gin works exceptionally well in G&T and all manner of cocktails.

Tasting Notes
Nose: A creamy nose with juniper, citrus peel and a hint of tea aromas

Taste: Smooth to start with those tea flavours really becoming prominent. There’s violet, dried lemon and herbal spice.

Finish: The spices continue to develop with the tea and herbal flavours lingering on.

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